VISION CENTER LABORATORY                      

Christian Wehrhahn   

Principal Investigator                             

I study perception of Color, ORIENTATION, brightness and Motion           


Selected publications:

Wehrhahn C (2011) Psychophysical and physiological evidence contradict a model

of dynamic image stabilization. doi:10.1073/pnas.1019614108, published February 17, 2011.

Wehrhahn C Teufel H (2010) How are lateral chromatic interactions computed from

cone signals? Neural Computation 22, 2763-2784.

Anstis S Gori S Wehrhahn C (2007) Afterimages and the breathing light illusion.

Perception 36: 791-794.

Wehrhahn C (2006) Reversed phi revisited. Journal of Vision 6(10): 1018-1025.

van der Smagt MJ Wehrhahn C Albright TD (2005) Contextual Masking of Oriented Lines:

Interactions between Surface Segmentation Cues. Journal of Neurophysiology 94: 576 – 589.

Teufel HJ Wehrhahn C (2004) Chromatic induction in humans: How are the cone signals

combined to provide opponent processing? Vision Research 44, 2425-2435.

Li W  Thier P Wehrhahn C (2001) Neuronal responses from beyond the classic receptive field

in V1 of alert monkeys. Experimental Brain Research 139: 359-371.

Li W Thier P Wehrhahn C (2000) Contextual influence on orientation discrimination of humans

and responses of neurons in V1 of alert monkeys. Journal of Neurophysiology 83: 941-954.

Teufel HJ Wehrhahn C (2000) Evidence for the contribution of S-cones to the detection of

flicker brightness and red-green. Journal of the Optical Society of America A 17: 994-1006.


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