Yuan Liu (Sophie), PhD

Contact Information

Mailing address:
    CNL-T, the Salk Institute for Biological Studies
    10010 N. Torrey Pines Rd.
     La Jolla, CA, 92037
Phone: (858)453-4100  Ext. 2116
Email: yuanliu AT salk DOT edu
URL: http://www.snl.salk.edu/~yuanliu/

Computational Neurobiology Laboratory at Salk Institute

Tatyana Sharpee
Terry Sejnowski

PhD Advisor Committee and Project

Phill Holmes, Prof. of Applied Math, Chair of MAE Department
William Bialek, John Archibald Wheeler/Battelle Professor in Physics
Jonathan Cohen, Professor of Psychology, and Director, Program in Neuroscience

Project 7 - Computational Modeling and Dynamical Systems Analysis of Conflict and Control, NIMH Silvio O. Conte Center for Neuroscience Research

Curriculum Vitae  ( pdf file)


Princeton University, Ph.D in Physics, Program of Neuroscience, August 2007
California Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Science degree with Honors (Physics), June 2002

PhD Thesis ( pdf file)


  Y. S. Liu, C. Stevens, and T. Sharpee, Predictable irregularities in retinal receptive fields, Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 106(38): 16499-16504, 2009
  Y. S. Liu, A. Yu, and P. Holmes, Dynamical Analysis of a Bayesian Inference Model for the Eriksen task, Neural Computation 21(6):1520–1553, 2009
  Y. S. Liu, P. Holmes and J.D. Cohen, A neural network model of the Eriksen task: Reduction, analysis, and data fitting, Neural Computation 20(2):345-373, 2008.
Y. S. Liu, P. Holmes, and J.D. Cohen, A Bayesian inference model for sequential effects in the Eriksen task (preprint), 2007
  Y. S. Liu, G.A. Cecchi, A.R. Rao, J. Kozloski and C.C. Peck, Inference and Segmentation in Cortical Processing, Proc. SPIE Human Vision and Electronic Imaging XI, vol 6057-23, 2006

Research Interest

·         Spatial-temporal receptive field that maximize information transmission

·         Information theoretical model of population coding

·         Dynamical system analysis on stochastic differential equations and Bayesian probabilistic models of neural network

·         Data analysis of physiological and behavioral experiments on neuroscience 

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